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Unique phenomenon of ‘city’ in the sky Finland

t there is a unique phenomenon in the city of Eura, Finland, on January 12, 2016 night. In the sky formed a direction such as 'map' of the city. Initially, this phenomenon occurs because the air temperature is too cold, so the street lights reflected off the ice flakes in the air, produce the phenomenon of light pillar. The phenomenon of light pillar is the formation of a light beam through the light source resembles a pile of earth. On Saturday, photographer Mia Heikkila standing between the pillars of light collection in residential homes, Kauttua, so that he can see the arrangement of the bottom. He soon realized, the composition of the light pillar forming something familiar. "There Kauttua Jalam map drawn in the sky!" Heikkila said quoted by Science Alert, Wednesday (19/01/2016). Why does this happen? When the temperature is low, almost frozen, ice crystals are flat hexagonal form in the air. Not only in height, but also close to the ground. Set crystals form a kind of giant mirrors that reflect light toward the ground. Light pillar extends toward the sky. However, restrained by a collection of light ice crystals that reflect back to the ground, so that the light was fading getting to the top. Pillar of light is an optical phenomenon similar to the occurrence of the phenomenon of halo (halo), occurs because of the interaction of light and ice crystals. But unlike the halo, the light reflected back downwards, not sideways. When multiple sources of light in a narrow area, such as in this Kauttua, the reflected light to form an image of arrangement under the street lights, visible to a person standing on the ground as projected into the sky. In this case, the reflected light shaped like a road map, and accurate. In fact, it could be better than the map that is currently written, because the 'map' in the sky featured along reshuffle carried out recently.

World’s oldest man dies at age 112 years

re Yasutaro Koide, men who in August recognized Guinness World Records as the oldest man in the world died. Koide (pronounced 'Koy-deh') breathed his last on January 19, 2016 at a hospitals in Nagoya, Japan. According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan, Koide died from chronic heart problems. The man who was born on 13 March 1903 as a young man worked as a tailor as quoted Time (19.01.2015). Now, the oldest man in Japan who are still alive are Masamitsu Yoshida who was 11 years old. The man from Tokyo, was born on May 30, 1904. It is not yet known whether Yoshida is also the oldest man in the world. Japan is one country that has many residents who are over a hundred tahuh. Based on the data records there are about 61 thousand families in the country centernarian this Sakura. Approximately 90 percent of female-dominated.

MU smitten boy 18 Years of Origin Portugal

e Midfield Manchester United (MU) weak making scout team The Red Devils had to work hard to find midfielder respite from all over the world to be brought to Old Trafford. MU has now shifted focus to the land of Portugal for the sake of the young players of 18 years belonging to Benfica. Daily Mail reported scout team was diligent in observing the appearance MU Benfica midfielder, Renato Sanches. Although only 18 years old, Renato has often played in the first team Benfica reported livescore123 website video. Renato talent initially wafted English clubs such as Newcastle United, Swansea City and Aston Villa. But now Manchester United are also interested in Renato. Renato conscious demand a lot of clubs, Benfica set a very high price. They set Renato release clause of 58.8 million pounds. It remains unclear when the MU recruiting Renato whether January or wait in the summer of 2016. MU has a history that is pretty good with young players of Portugal. Previously they successfully orbit Cristiano Ronaldo and Luis Nani. Talented players like Renato Mu needed because their midfield is not too tough. MU did not have a first-class hard-working midfielder. They also do not have a strong playmaker.

38d18bc775e00eb06a9911161a0e1488 Wanted, Messi Uniformed Plastic Bags A boy wearing a plastic bag as a replica jersey Lionel Messi amid horrendous social networking users in Europe. Campaign appeared to find that little Messi. Image that inspires sympathy social networking users in Europe showed a five-year-olds around the middle of the back to the camera. The boy did not seem his face, which is obvious is that he wears 'uniform' Argentina number 10 Messi full name listed on it. But it's not a real T-shirt he wears. Because it is actually a plastic bag which is incidentally a blue and white patterned as belonging to the Argentine national team. On the right shoulder and left visible plastic bag was fastened so as not easily dislodged. On the back of the boy, stretchable plastic clothes and looks cramped. While the background of the photo shows rural residential areas with soil berundak. The boy is believed to come from Dohuk, a war-torn regions in Iraq. But no one can confirm the truth. Photo uniformed boy Messi it quickly spread to the rest of Europe through a variety of social media, having appeared for the first time on a blog fans in Turkey. After a warm conversation in the virtual world, is now emerging movement to seek Messi uniformed plastic bag it. Thus quoted from the Independent. "Images are remarkable. A child in Iraq to play with his idol player jerseys. The Beautiful Game," wrote Twitter account under the name Juez Central. Photos of Iraqi children wearing T-shirts of the plastic bag was reportedly reached the ears of Messi. Barcelona star was mentioned wanted to see the boy. Thus claimed Messi10stats Twitter account, which claimed to have been in direct contact with representatives of Messi.

It turns out 36% Employees Not Satisfied with salary

bs Based on the survey results  to 6,530 respondents in 2015, 36% said it was not satisfied with his salary. How proportions by age and level of work? Since becoming part of the Group in December 2014 EMTEK ago, actively conducting surveys. This activity will be a routine agenda every year with material that will continue to be equipped. "For the pilot year 2015, we conducted a survey of satisfaction levels of the professional salary Indonesia, followed by 6,530 online respondents. We believe that human resources are the most valuable asset of a company, which will determine the performance and the fate of the company. No wonder so many companies that call the human resources division as human capital, encouraging a commitment to the professional career in the company, "as told by Dino Martin, CEO Dino added, "The results of our survey show that only 28% of 6,530 respondents said they were satisfied with the current salary. It is no secret of course, although the real figure is quite high satisfaction. " "36% of respondents are not satisfied, and 36% were declared normal," he added. Nah, including groups who are you? Satisfied? Not satisfied? Or indifferent? If you are dissatisfied or indifferent, maybe it's time to figure out how much should your ideal salary. working with Kelly Services and Financial Focus released Salary Benchmark features to help you determine your ideal salary corresponding salary standards applicable in the Indonesian labor market. Since online October 2015 until today, Salary Benchmark has been used by more than 20,000 professional users in Indonesia. With this feature, you will receive Salary Meter as an indicator of your salary position in the market; if outside the lower zone, in the lower zone, enter the category average, in the upper zone, or exceeds the upper zone. This feature will give you a guide to careers in Career Tips and guidance on how to manage finances in the Financial Information in accordance with the amount of your salary. By knowing how much should the salary you receive, of course, you can develop a strategy and a career move into the future, is also facilitated in managing your personal finances. Another advantage, by sharing these features to the five colleagues, your chance to win a Vespa S's latest unit. Career Tips and Financial Information in the Salary Benchmark is the result of cooperation with Kelly Services and Financial Focus. Kelly Services is a corporate headhunter and recruitment of American origin who had worked for more than 26 years in Indonesia, was instrumental in opening employment opportunities to more than one million professionals around the world by placing more than 550,000 employees annually in each country. Focus Financial is an independent financial planning consultant who trusted in Indonesia which is engaged in management consulting services such as investment planning, financial planning, finance and education and training which helps people in realizing the targets personal or family finances. "Various features innovations that we bring into evidence commitment in assisting the Indonesian workers throughout the course of his career," said Dino. Bernadette Themas, Managing Director of Kelly Services Indonesia, said, "Information salary guide is expected to help give you an idea of ​​the value of the profession on the market, so that Indonesian workers could have a financial planning and the preparation of a career development strategy continues to increase."

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